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Thomas Murphy, Senior Product Manager at Shapeways, and Daniëlle Glasbergen-Benning, Application Development Specialist at Covestro, will present a webinar on Covestro’s breakthrough 3D printing material: Addigy P3001. Covestro’s material scientists have not only combined soft and elastomeric materials for 3D printing–but they have matched Addigy P3001 with the power of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology.
Soft, rubber-like polymers are widely used in sports and lifestyle applications like footwear and protective gear. Additive manufacturing is well-suited to the sports and lifestyle market as it allows for cost-efficient personalization and customization. Now, Shapeways and Covestro have come together to combine high energy return material with scalable technology for easy 3D printing. 
Register to learn about:
  • The versatility and biocompatibility of Addigy P3001, making it suitable for 3D printing a wide range of products–from industrial gaskets to footwear or mouthguards.
  • How Addigy powder is designed for SLS 3D printing, and is easily processed without common side effects like odors.
  • The excellent mechanical properties of Addigy P3001, including high elongation at break.
  • Finishing and post-processing options for smooth surfaces with this 3D printing material, including parts with thin walls.
  • Addigy P3001's unprecedented, very high energy return of >70%
  • The material's certifications that impact safety requirements, including ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity, ISO 10995-10 Irritation & Sensitization; European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC