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What is SWM Week?
Held from October 2 - 6, 2023, Shapeways Manufacturing Week (SWM) is a comprehensive event focused on advancing practical solutions, encouraging innovative thinking, and exploring the future of manufacturing.
When will the activities and promotions be announced?
MFG promos will all be announced on the day they launch. Shapeways promos will be announced on the dates specified on the “Promotions” tab of the website.
What is the SWM Week schedule?
Click the "Webinars" page to view the SWM Week schedule to see dates and times for all events.
How do I register for SWM Week events?
Registering is as easy as navigating to the SWM Week website. Click on the registration page, choose the events you would like to attend, and fill out the form–there is no limit to the amount of events you register for or promotions you enter!
Will I get a recording of each webinar I attend?
Yes, you’ll receive a recording within 24-48 hours of each event.
How can I contact you for more information?
Email us at swmweek@shapeways.com for any and all questions!

What is SWM Week?

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How do I register for webinars?

How do I contact you?


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