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Whether you’re a traditional manufacturer, additive manufacturing designer, or new to 3D printing, you’ll find valuable insights here.

Business Evolution Day

Traditional Manufacturing Design

Learn why Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is essential for smooth coordination from design to production. Our guide covers everything to help you navigate the manufacturing process efficiently.

Business Evolution Day

Manufacturing Business Growth

Growing your business doesn’t have to cost a lot. Discover effective strategies to expand your manufacturing business, including tips for engaging on social media and building a website.

Designer Day

Complex Machining: Study

Learn how a third-generation machine shop owner navigates challenges and opportunities in today’s competitive manufacturing landscape with the help of MFG.

Designer Day

10 Printability Tips for Your 3D Model

Find tips for every stage of the design process, from prototyping to creating a final product.

Traditional + Additive Day

Is AM or TM Right For You?

Learn how additive manufacturing methods offer design freedom and customization, while traditional approaches are ideal for high-volume, consistent production.

Traditional + Additive Day

Eastern Rail & Conformal Cooling: Study

Learn how Eastern Rail partnered with our conformal cooling experts to streamline manufacturing of a critical part – cutting cycle time, improving quality, and reducing cost.

Traditional + Additive Day

Reduce Mold Cycle Time

Learn how conformal cooling technology works to cut cycle times, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Traditional + Additive Day

What is Conformal Cooling?

This revolutionary manufacturing technology introduces a highly efficient cooling stage alternative in injection molding. The result is faster production and enhanced part quality.

Traditional + Additive Day

Reducing Waste & Enhancing 3D Printability

Learn more about on-demand 3D printing, and how this process makes it possible to create custom parts as-needed, reducing inventory substantially and cutting back on warehouse space.

Traditional + Additive Day

eBook: Drones x Additive Manufacturing

Download this eBook to understand how 3D printing transforms drone design from concept to flight. Discover key insights about 3D printing materials for drones and aerospace parts, the rapid prototyping process, and developing functional parts for production.

Traditional + Additive Day

Pyka’s Autonomous Aircraft: Study

Pyka is revolutionizing the aviation and logistics industries with its autonomous electric planes. Learn how 3D printing is accelerating Pyka’s product development and customization for specialized cargo and agricultural applications. 

3DU Day

3D Printed Dorm Essentials

Shop top ten 3D printed dorm essentials on our Shapeways Marketplace–they’re perfect for back-to-school shopping.

3DU Day

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Parts

3D printing is all about the details, and that’s especially true when it comes to tolerances. Download this one sheet for everything you need to know to design perfect parts.

3DU Day

3D Printing Design Guidelines

3D printing design guidelines play a critical role from concept to production, but technique is just as important. Proper orientation of 3D printed parts is related to quality of features like strength, accuracy, and surface quality.

Manufacturing Day

Greg Kress: “Let’s Talk Supply Chain”

Tune in to hear Greg Kress, Shapeways CEO, discuss how Shapeways and MFG are utilizing software to bring value to buyers and small-medium manufacturers alike.